Becoming an Independent Recruitment Consultant is more than just a job.

It's an opportunity to scale your life when you get it right.

Are you:

  • Experienced in your sector and passionate about helping others be a part of it?
  • Thinking of becoming a recruiter but not sure if you know where to start or have the skills? Perhaps you are worried about starting a recruitment agency with no experience
  • In the early days of your recruitment agency but are not yet where you want to be?
  • Working for an agency now or in the past and ready to take the next steps in your life?

If this sounds like you, read on

What you will learn working 1:1 with me



Niche, Vision and Values

Your background does not matter; we will learn what niche you can excel in, whether Customer Services or Technical Recruitment. Seeing what makes you tick, what is your why and developing your mission, values. Followed by understanding who your ideal client is.

Valued at £200

Week Two

Money Mindset

We work together to understand what you need to earn, your targets, goals, pricing and overcome any hidden obstacles.

Valued at £200

Week Three


Getting your headline messaging and bio right, to build relationships and draw clients to you.

Valued at £200

Week Four

Being Present

We work through what social websites you should be on, understand how to build relationships and to be present to attract your future clients.

Valued at £1000



Getting Legal

You're going to be starting a business, and there are some things you need to know, laid out in a digestible way for you.

Valued at £200



Content Planning One

We will take apart all your expert knowledge to understand the different content types to create and why.

Valued at £200

Week Seven

Content Planning Two

Mapping out your three-month content plan and getting lead magnets in place.

Valued at £200

Week Eight

Targeting Your Dream Client

Setting your strategy to make your dream client aware of you.

Valued at £388

Week Nine

Cold Outreach

Understanding what we don't do in the long run, hint, it's cold calling and knowing when we can make exceptions.

Valued at £300



Candidate Attraction

Understanding how to attract the best candidates for your clients and grow your network.

Valued at £200

Week Eleven

Successful Interviewing

We will work together to understand interviewing your candidates to ensure that you can sell your candidate in the best light.

Valued at £200

Week Twelve

The Tech

Understanding the range of tech that we can choose to use, or not use, to help us at various stages.

Valued at £200

Total Value: £3488

Not only do you get your weekly training content, you also get a weekly 1:1 to ask questions.

You also get the following:


  • Instagram training - Valued at £97
  • Client contract - Valued at £200
  • Your first advert free, so you can hit the ground running and attract those candidates - Valued at £300
  • 9 month support period via a Facebook Group - Valued at £600

Total Bonus Value: £1197

A typical in-house recruiter earns £22-33k per year.

By the end of the 12-week programme, you will have started the groundwork on your future life as an Independent Recruitment Consultant.

Placing a conservative one candidate a month, at an average salary you could bill £6292 per month.

Total Value: £4685

So I provide £4.6k worth of value over a 12-week programme and further nine-month support period, what would you say if I give you access to all of this for £99 per month (for 12 months) or a one-off payment £997?

Guess what, I am. Value over four times the investment.


Is this the right time?

Yes! Unfortunately, many businesses have not survived the current climate. Meanwhile, other companies are starting to open up again. Now is the time to start building your foundations, so you are ready for when life resumes.

How much time will this take?

You will need to dedicate 1-hour of active learning and have access to 1-hour follow-up questions each week. The rest of the work is for you to implement your tasks. An hour a day is a good start, most of that is you talking about your expertise on social media and making connections!

Is it really £99 per month?

Yes, for 12 months, unless you pay in full.

What is even better is that you can get started with just an email address and contact number, only upgrading your systems when you are ready.

Transition to Recruitment Programme

Ready to join me?